Marketing Cloud Quick Start


Marketing Cloud gives you the ability to launch personalized, effective campaigns and provides a smooth, integrated experience across all customer touchpoints with its suite of digital marketing tools.


  • A robust Salesforce solution tailored to your business needs in a short period of time
  • Integrate every consumer touchpoint with your brand - across advertising, marketing, commerce, sales, service, and apps - in one place
  • Use pre-built message templates, streamlined messaging flows, and mobile apps to create and execute cross-channel campaigns with ease
  • Build a single, comprehensive view of each consumer to create powerful 1-to-1 journeys
  • Find new segments, identify the consumers most likely to engage, and generate predictive recommendations automatically with AI tools



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  • Requirements discovery & documentation
  • Comprehensive solution design
  • Roll-out plan


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  • Marketing Cloud Connector Setup
  • Configure Users (up to 5 system users and 3 custom profiles)
  • Brand Builder Configuration
  • Setup Sender Profile
  • Mapping of Leads and Contacts
  • Connect Salesforce Campaigns
  • Setup Segments and Data Extensions (up to 5)
  • Email Templates and Automations (up to 5)
  • Journey Builder Configuration
  • Initial data import (predefined CSV, up to 5000 records)



One complimentary 90-minute remote training session.

Completion Time

2 weeks

About Pylons

Pylons Cloud Innovations is a Salesforce certified consulting partner based in the Louisville, KY, metro area. With years of collective experience working on the Salesforce platform, our goal is to enable our customers to succeed with Salesforce. From initial implementation through ongoing management and development, we help clients harness the power of Salesforce to drive better business results.



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