Salesforce Health Check


The complimentary Health Check evaluates the performance and security of your Salesforce instance across several key areas, identifies areas for improvement, and equips you with next steps to remedy any issues. All with the overall goal of ensuring that your Salesforce org is optimally healthy and useful for your business.


  • Capture a snapshot of where your org stands & how it is being used
  • Uncover possible vulnerabilities to your system & its scalability
  • Add Health Check results to your org documentation
  • Maintain a healthy, mission-critical org


Green Checkmark


Evaluate user licenses used & remaining. Check licenses assigned against actual user activity. Goals: improve user adoption, add licenses as needed.

Green Checkmark


Investigate products purchased & their quantities. Compare available products to actual usage. Goals: implement all purchased products, roll out to relevant users.

Green Checkmark


Check the number of API requests against the maximum allowed daily. Goals: ensure sufficient quantities to support all integrations on an uninterrupted basis & ensure smooth operation of the org.

Green Checkmark


Check data & file storage against limits. Goals: ensure sufficient padding on storage limits, understand what data/files take up the most space.

Green Checkmark


Assess compliance with Salesforce security standards. Check user access controls in relation to admin users and sensitive permissions. Goals: protect org from outside access, align user access with principle of least privilege (POLP).

Green Checkmark


Identify & document any Fields, Profiles, Permission Sets, and Roles that are not being used with recommendations for remediation. Goals: identify problems with your org build, improve maintenance & scalability.

Green Checkmark


Analyze existing Workflows, Processes & current use of Flows. Estimate hours of effort needed to migrate workflows & processes to Flow. Goals: identify issues & recommendations, position org for a successful migration.

Green Checkmark


Conduct a preliminary code review to find common programming flaws. Goals: improve code quality & extensibility.

Green Checkmark


If applicable, check the readiness of your org for migration from Classic to Lightning. Goals: estimate expected productivity improvements and level of effort associated with moving to Lightning Experience.

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Pylons will provide a thorough, easy-to-consume report of its findings & recommendations across the above areas. Optionally, Pylons will also participate in a 30-min call to review the report.

Completion Time

1 week



About Pylons

Pylons Cloud Innovations is a Salesforce certified consulting partner based in the Louisville, KY, metro area. With years of collective experience working on the Salesforce platform, our goal is to enable our customers to succeed with Salesforce. From initial implementation through ongoing management and development, we help clients harness the power of Salesforce to drive better business results.


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