Key Dates

Stay on top of all things Summer ‘23 with these important dates:

  • 4/20: Sign up for a pre-release developer org
  • 4/26: Release Notes are published
  • 5/4: Choose a Sandbox for Summer ‘23 Preview
  • 5/5: Sandbox Preview goes live
  • 5/15: Summer ‘23 Trailmixes are released
  • 5/19: Release Readiness Admin Preview webinar
  • 5/19-26: Release Readiness Live webinars
  • 5/19, 6/2, 6/9: Live orgs upgraded to Summer ‘23

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New Flow Features

The Summer ‘23 release brings with it a variety of new features for Salesforce Flow. Here are just a few to be aware of:

Process Builder RIP: Process Builder creation will be disabled beginning with Summer ‘23, but for now you’ll still be able to edit, activate, deactivate, and create new versions of existing processes.

Migrate to Flow Tool Will Support Scheduled Actions: You’ll be able to use the Migrate to Flow tool to migrate Scheduled Actions in Process Builder to Scheduled Paths in Flow.

User Interface Changes: Element icon colors in the Toolbox will be tweaked to provide higher contrast. Also, to add a new element in the auto layout interface, you’ll hover your cursor over the circle and click on the plus sign that appears.

Release season is a good time to stop and assess the overall health of your org. To help you get ready, we’re offering free Health Checks for qualifying customers and paid Automation Consultations to help plan your migration to Salesforce Flow.

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