For the past few years, it seems companies and work teams have received blow after blow. With the pandemic and economic fluctuations, businesses have struggled to maintain team health and sustain forward momentum, especially with internal teams that work on Salesforce.

Teams have experienced rapid growth, as well as vacancies, and it can be a bit deflating and frustrating for both the individuals, as well as the company. People often find themselves grappling to understand where they fit in on a changing landscape, and how to maintain their Salesforce org.

When it comes to nurturing your Salesforce org, those kinds of changes can stall or halt projects and necessary maintenance required to keep the org working efficiently. And, when Salesforce orgs fall behind, it can be difficult to catch them up to where they need to be.

There has to be a solution to prioritizing Salesforce while keeping teams balanced, right? What if we told you the solution to limiting the negative impact of employee shifts while maintaining and even improving your Salesforce org was to consider working with Pylons and bringing on a Fractional Salesforce Team?


What is a Fractional Salesforce Team?

A Fractional Salesforce Team is usually made up of Salesforce professionals with a variety of Salesforce roles and experiences, depending on your specific needs. Often a fractional team includes some combination of Admin, Architect, Business Analyst, and Developer roles and can be a great addition to your existing Salesforce team.

Pylons will partner with you to figure out your specific needs and how best to fill in the gaps of where your current team may be lacking or in need of additional support. There are multiple benefits to considering a Fractional Salesforce Team.


Benefit 1: Internal Team Can Refocus

When you work with Pylons to build your Fractional Salesforce Team, we will pinpoint your needs and work alongside your existing team to implement or elevate your current Salesforce org.

Maybe you need a Salesforce Admin to take care of data cleansing or a Salesforce Developer to write code for a nagging issue. Your internal team can often use the addition of a Fractional Salesforce Team to refocus your priorities and give attention to areas that may have been neglected.

This allows your in-house Salesforce team to focus on slowing their pace and increasing quality, as well as knocking out more items on the company wish list.


Benefit 2: Varied Salesforce Experience

One of the benefits of having an in-house Salesforce team is that they learn your specific Salesforce org really well. Unfortunately, this is where a lack of outside exposure can limit growth and embed bad habits that sneak up on you.

A Fractional Salesforce Team often has more years of combined experience and has exposure to more orgs, thus reinforcing better habits and uncovering a wide berth of unique issues that may prove helpful in solving problems that pop up in your org.

The stacked experience they bring to the table is crucial to creating a more well-rounded org that can withstand changes for years to come.


Benefit 3: Save More Money

Whether a company is implementing a brand new Salesforce org, or making large shifts in functionality, they often look to hire full time internal positions. This means 401k matching, health care costs, and salaries that increase year over year in order to stay competitive.

A Fractional Salesforce Team can often be hired for a shorter duration of time, or for a fraction of the price of a full time employee. Some teams can have contracts that last a few years in order to keep up with the tri-annual Salesforce releases and maintenance requirements.

Even with high salaried consultants with unique experience, such as a Salesforce Architect, many companies can save more money by partnering with a Fractional Salesforce Team.


Benefit 4: Keep Up With Best Practices

It’s not uncommon for internal Salesforce teams to be massively overwhelmed. Not only are they responsible for Salesforce releases and maintenance, but also troubleshooting issues that may pop up daily, as well as implement new projects and changes the company has requested.

It can be a lot on small teams and can lead to burnout. Unfortunately, this also means that those employees have very little time to keep up with best practices and new features that may be beneficial for your org.

A Fractional Salesforce Team is steeped in Salesforce best practices and keeps up with certification requirements, as well as the ever improving landscape that is the Salesforce we know and love. Those traits help keep your org malleable for the future and functioning as efficiently as possible.


Benefit 5: Custom Solutions That Fit Your Org

When your in-house Salesforce team is frazzled from trying to keep up with new projects, oftentimes part of the process like proper requirements gathering and training get rushed or left out, especially when the solution is custom and not out-of-the-box by Salesforce.

Instead of cutting corners, leaning on a Fractional Salesforce Team can help make the implementation a success, and design something that really works for your business, and is flexible for future needs, as well.

And, before they have to rush off to another project, they can make sure the proper training of end-users occurs and that your in-house team has all of the documentation they need. Custom solutions can weigh down internal teams, but with a little help, the solution can be seamless.


Is a Fractional Salesforce Team Right for Your Business?

While some may assume that adding a consultancy and a Fractional Salesforce Team may muddy up the Salesforce org, with proper communication, this simply isn’t the case. Hiring a Fractional Salesforce Team can save you time and money and bring experience to the table that only strengthens your org.

Whether you need a Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Developer, or something in-between, we are happy to help you turn your Salesforce org into the powerhouse it is meant to be. Schedule a call today to learn more about whether a Fractional Salesforce Team is right for you.