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The Problem

In the healthcare industry there is a lot of turnover which is a lost investment for an employer and lowers the level of care they are able to provide their patients. Running their business almost completely through Salesforce, our client was limited mostly to email communications to drive employee engagement, but most of their employees do not sit in front of a desk.

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The Solution

Our client is now able to send high quality html messages from Salesforce to all of their employees on their phones as well as email through an integration with RedEApp. In addition to driving higher employee engagement, the admin team runs more efficiently by using only Salesforce to manage communication rather than multiple systems. This has saved time while allowing admins to send highly targeted messages based on employee information held in Salesforce.

The Results

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Increased Employee Satisfaction Scores 7% vs decline


Deployed to over 10,000 users

Reduced Client Churn

Reduced employee churn

Increase Patient Care

Increased Patient Care

How They Did It

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Salesforce Integration:

There was no native integration between Salesforce and RedEApp, so we developed API connections between the two platforms. Once this was in place, admins could send emails from Salesforce and have the same html message sent via RedEApp.

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Apex Triggers:

In order to log messages sent via RedEApp we had to automatically create tasks via Workflows that fire when emails our client wants to go through REA are sent. The task creation event then triggered Apex to gather the email template, collect recipient data, create the message, and send it via RedEApp.

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Appexchange Development:

Once we developed the RedEApp integration we created a roadmap for packaging the product up for the AppExchange and making it available for other organizations they wanted to open the integration up to.

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