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The Problem

Like many sales teams, our client relied on purchased lists that only provided them with cold leads. Sales reps spent a considerable amount of time manipulating and analyzing data rather than closing deals and maintaining client relationships.

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The Solution

A custom domain monitoring application now allows our clients to see changes to DNS records that would indicate a cybersecurity breach had occurred. When a qualifying event occurs, the app updates Salesforce and prompts the sales team to follow up with the prospect. Now, instead of guessing if prospects needed help, the sales team can focus only on hot prospects. And, if a breach happened with an existing client, the Account Executives have the opportunity to save the account

The Results

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Automatically gathering leads from 684k+ domains

Reduced Client Churn

Reduced employee churn

How We Did It:

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Monitoring Domains

The first step in transforming the sales process was to identify prospects experiencing email attacks. To accomplish this we built an app that monitors domains for changes to DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records.

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Salesforce Integration:

Once our client was able to identify prospects and clients experiencing email attacks, they needed to put that data in front of their sales people and call them to action. We accomplished this by integrating with Salesforce, which prompts the Account Executives to reach out to the hot prospect.

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